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Snack Stack from Palm Business Center

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Snack Stack from Palm Business Center

The Snack Stack is an unusual and impressive Mountain of Munchies made fresh to order by Palm Business Center and shipped anywhere.  It’s all of your favorite Chips, Pretzels, Crackers, and other goodiies piled 17 inches high and sealed tight for freshness and convenience. 

Sending someone a Snack Stack is a great way to say "Thank You", "Congratulations", or "We Miss You".  Make a great impression by sending this yummy gift sure to be enjoyed by all. 

Snack Stack comes in several different varieties, each containing a range of high quality snack foods.  Why not order one today? 

About Snack Stack

We started making
Betty’s Original
Cracker Baskets in
1984, using a format
and concept born of a
Lance Snack Truck Driver.  Since that time, we've developed a reputation for creating truly Original and Unique gift baskets of the highest quality.

The Original Snack Stack

Snack Stack - The Original

Serious munchie lovers rate the SnackStack #1!  This gift basket contains a huge variety of sweet and salty snacks from Doritos, Potato Chips, Cheese Crackers, Cookies, Popcorn, and more !!!  There’s something to please everyone making it perfect for giving on any occasion. 

Price: $27.95

Candybar Mountain

Candybar Mountain

Candy Bar Mountain is the sweetest SnackStack we offer.  It contains the same great mix of sweet and salty snack foods as the original SnackStack and then is topped off with 6 candy bars!  An excellent choice for munchie fans with a sweet tooth. 

Price: $32.95

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