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Palm Business Center's front doorMatt Kells and his family have been doing business from this location in Palm, Pennsylvania since 1987.  Over time, the business has grown to keep pace with our ever changing community.  Today, we are proud to operate the Palm Business Center and provide our community with the high quality products and services detailed on this website. 

We opened our doors over 20 years ago as Kell's Kitchen / Matt's Deli.  We developed a reputation for our original food, but also for our creative advertising and design, which caught the eye of other local business owners.  Some of them approached Matt for help in creating and designing their own ad campaigns for the local newspaper.  Matt put his creative talents to work, not only helping them with their ads, but also designing signs and business cards.  This started a whole new line of products and services. 

Later, in 2001, Matt began trading on eBay and quickly became quite good at it.  It wasn't long before friends, neighbors, and customers started asking him to sell their stuff on eBay.  The business continued to grow, providing additional products and services, until November 2006 when our beloved father Cliff passed away.  Cliff was an integral part of our food services operation and no longer having him around left us with little desire to continue on with that segment of our business. 

After temporarily closing, Matt and his brother Bill reopened as the Palm Business Center, the name we originally registered with the state back in 1987.  We still do all the things we've been doing for years, with exception of the food and eBay.  As Palm Business Center, we've enjoyed early success due to hard work, creative designs, and prompt service.  We also believe that there may be a little heavenly help involved with Cliff watching over us.  They say that the fruit never falls far from the tree.  This can be seen as Cliff's work ethic and high standards live on in his children. 

When choosing Palm Business Center, you'll know that you are not just a number, and neither are your projects.  We treat all of our customers with respect and strive to meet their needs in a professional and courteous manner.  We hope you'll give us the opportunity to prove it. 

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